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Rainforest Unit-Mrs. Weldon's Kindergarten Class

In Social Studies we began our unit by looking at the books Rainforests by Peter Murray and Life In The Rainforests by Lucy Baker. In addition, we looked at the following videos:

1.Plants of the Rainforest *Schlessinger Video Productions

2.People of the Rainforest

3. Animals of the Rainforest

4. National Geographic's Totally Tropical Rainforest by Dudley Moore * Our FAVORITE

We began our discussion of the Rainforest by finding the Rainforests on the globe. We had a skills lesson on the globe. This discussion led to a lesson on weather in the Rainforest. One of us said, "It rains every single day in the Rainforest!" We also learned the layers of the Rainforest and what lives and grows in each layer. Then it was time to begin making our room look like a Rainforest. We spent two or three days making little leaves, huge leaves, and vines. Mrs. Weldon hung them from the ceiling to the floor! She had some really cool animals with really strange names. There were a lot of animals that we had never heard of in our lives. We had a lot of fun decorating our room!

In art we had time to DRAW our own Rainforest on a large piece of manilla paper. Ariel had a really cool picture. We also could make our own Rainforest In A Box at home. We also drew an animal we would like to be if we could be any animal in the Rainforest. Mrs. Weldon took dictation on this. We had lots of monkeys and snakes!


In Science we learned about organisms growing in the rainforest. We used a project from the internet called The one Inch Square Project. You can go to this site at .


We spent two weeks having fun learning all kinds of things about the Rainforest such as :





3. www.stevensonpress/.com/PunLag.html



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