*Display Dinorama boxes as they come in.

Day 7: Writing

Materials needed: "My Dinosaur" writing outline, dinosaur writing paper, construction paper, colors and markers, scissors.

1. Hand out a copy of "My dinosaur" writing out line to each student.

2. Have them ocmplete the sentences.

3. Begin copying this story onto the bulletin board pattern.

4. Edit and color.

5. cut out finished product and glue on colored construction paper for display.

Day 8: Final Thoughts

Materials needed: Discover Science books p. 70-75, lessons 4-5.

1. Read and discuss lessons 4-5 Fossil fuels. Changes for dinosaurs.

2. Vocabulary cards for chapter. (fossil, coal, dinosaur, fuel, climate, habitat)

Day 9: Bringing It All Together

Materials needed: Land of the Dinosaurs p. 25 sheet, Make a Dinosaur Booklet sheet.

Use time that is needed to complete "Land of the Dinosaurs" chart and the Dinosaur Booklet activity. Both are good reviews.

*Send note home about Dinosaur Day Picnic.

Day 10: Study Guide

Materials needed: One study guide sheet for each student.

1. Discuss and fill out a study guide to help students know what is expected.

2. Make clay dinosaurs or finish any missing work.

Day 11: Test Day

Materials needed: Test and pencil

Centers would be a great place to make:

Dinosaur Day

Cooking: Dinosaur Food

Movie: Land Before Time

Math: Graphing Gummy dinosaurs

Reading: Reading Buddies--dinosaur books from the library

Picnic: Sack lunches from home

Library: Librarian reads "Can I Have a Dinosaur, Mom, Please"

Enjoy the dinosaur food cookies.

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