Welcome to the first edition of the Springlake-Earth Siren. This on-line newspaper published for Springlake-Earth Independent School District was written and produced by the faculty members and students of the school in conjunction with activities outlined in a $45,0000 grant the school received from the TIF Board in August of 1999.

This electronic version of the Siren was modeled after the original school newspaper--The Springlake Siren--which was produced in the 1920's and 1930's by students of this same district (cover page of the original Siren). The goal set before the authors of this edition was that of providing quality digital educational content for the students and faculty of the district and for any other interested parties and of disseminating news about current events and activities at the school. This editor believes that the goals set before the individuals involved in the creation of this website were met admirably and with a great deal of perseverance and willingness to learn a foreign language--namely HTML. Faculty members involved in the production worked many hours before and after school gathering information and writing web pages. Students put forth extraordinary efforts as well to insure that this first edition was a success. I think you'll agree that the finished product is well worth a few hours of perusal and I hope you'll enjoy your time surfing the pages in this our first on-line edition of the Siren.

The paper itself is divided into seven sections with headline news and Units of Study presented in each section. The Primary and Intermediate Editions encompass Kindergarten through Second Grade and Third through Fifth Grade respectively. You'll also want to visit our "Focus" section. In this edition, we are focusing on changes that have occured in the school and the world around us during the years since the school was built (1908 to the present). Primary students have prepared a section on the years 1979 to 2000, Intermediate students covered 1955 to 1978, Junior High students reported on 1932 through 1954, and High School students explored the years between 1908 through 1932. Their efforts are represented in the "Focus on Change" section.

I'd also invite you to look for exciting updates and changes to the newspaper every six weeks--with the exception of the summer months, of course--and hope you'll join me in applauding the efforts of the individuals involved in the creation of this publication:

Primary Edition: Mrs. Barbara Coker

Intermediate Edition: Mrs. Jeanne Furr

Junior High Edition: Mrs. Joyce Bills

High School Edition: Mrs. Mary Jones

Library Edition: Mrs. Linda Thompson

High School Editorial Staff:

Many thanks are due as well to the fine people at the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board for making this project possible. Please take time to visit their home page and discover what this wonderful organization is doing to assist schools and Texas school children in becoming technologically adept as we enter the next century:



Sheila Allen, Editor-in-Chief Springlake-Earth Siren