Springlake-Earth Wolverine

Varsity Football 1999

District and Bi-District Champs

Kneeling (Left to Right): Jorge M., Michael C., Mark S., Simon I., Jessie G., Romy D., Unavailable, &Guthry E.

Second Row (Left to Right): Coach Bode, Coach Guinn, Coach B. Hulett, Greg B., Chance F., Marcy C., Frank R., Brock R., Quade F., Pablo C., Coach R. Hulett, Coach Smith, & Coach Schovajsa

Back Row (Left to Right): Josh M., Tyler S., Cole P., Luke T., Slade Q., Ben A., Buck A., Travis B., James S., John K., & Felix D.

 Springlake-Earth Wolverine

Junior Varsity Football

Kneeling (Left to Right): Felix L., Jamie C., Mauro M., Frankie S., Joseph G., Sam D.

Second Row (Left to Right): Clinton K., Javier E., Unavailable, Matthew D., Wesley C., Adrian P., Cory B.

Back Row (Left to Right): Jesus I., Angel A., Colton G., Philip F., Unavailable, Edward L., Rick F. 

1999 All-District Team

First Team

Ben Angeley Defensive MVP
Chance Furr Quarterback
Romy DeLeon Running Back
Felix Duran Tight End, Defensive Back, & Kicker
Greg Brownd Guard
Michael Clayton Center & Linebacker
Tyler Shackelford Defensive Lineman
John Kelley Offensive Tackle

Second Team Offense & Defense

Craig James Running Back
Quade Furr Wide Receiver & Defensive Back
Buck Angeley Defensive End & Punter
Luke Templeton Defensive End
Cole Perry Defensive Lineman
Felix Duran Kicker
James Shirey Defensive Back
Guthry Edwards Linebacker


1999 Stat Keepers:

Haylee M. and Crystal G.



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