The Senior class wrote Shakespearean sonnets this semester. Each sonnet had to have 14 lines with 10 beats or syllables per line. The sonnet had to have a Shakespearean rhyme scheme or pattern. Mrs. Williams, the Junior and Senior Literature/English teacher, chose a few of the sonnets she thought were written exceptionally well.

We enter this building for our last year

So many fears tend to run through our heads

Ready for freedom but holding in tears

We'll look back and miss each other instead

We fuss and fight but it soon will be done

But they never really meant very much

Life is a battle waiting to be won

But we'll be held together by God's touch

Our separate directions we now must go

Awaiting the future our time we give

Our lives await, we still have time to grow

On to college we'll go to learn and live

As beloved memories cross my mind

I think of all we are leaving behind.

Written by Amanda C.

I am not very good at this writing

but Mrs. Williams said this would count for two

I am going to start without thinking

I can't think of what rhymes with two, but "you"

I'm going to do what Allison does

She thinks that she is Shakespeare and just writes

I think the secret is to write just cause

Not knowing how to write this really bites

You'd think I would know how to write a poem

Since I've been listening to them for two years

I think I should've written to my mom

Just to finish this is causing me tears

This sonnet is finally finished

It doesn't sound so bad does it?

Written by Lina M.

I see you walk by me every morning

You stare ahead and don't speak, not one word

You don't realize that I am mourning.

"God just make me a free and happy bird"

Maybe I can fly and escape this pain

Or maybe the pain is too much to bear.

My life is over, there is nothing to gain

Cause your love you've decided not to share.

Forces keep tearing us further apart

I've tried everything to repair our love

But you've decided to let love depart

And that's why I pray, "God make me a dove."

If there were one thing left for you to see

I pray that you'll love me for being me.

Written by CheLyn M.


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