Student Council



President: Chrissy

Vice-President: Nancy

Secretary/Treasurer: Ida

Parlimentarian: Mathew

Ida, Mathew, Chrissy, and Nancy



Senior Class: Felix and Heather

Junior Class: Slade and Stacy

Sophomore Class: Chance and Laura

Freshmen Class: Kori


Student Council Members:

Bottom: unavailable, Kori, Crystal, Allison, Lina

2nd Row: Rachea, Heather, Kristen, Laura, Valerie, Ida

3rd Row: Greg, unavailable, Mathew, Nancy, Chrissy, Connie

4th Row: Katie, Haylee, Stacy, unavailable

Standing: Slade, Felix, Caesar, Chance, Tyler

(pictures courtesy of Blunck's)


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