Favorite Fairy Tales Revised

Martin, Larry and Paul took the familiar story of Aladdin and wrote their version complete with illustrations. It seems Aladdin wasn't such a good genie in their story! Their big book was shared with our third graders.


Shayla and Tisha took one of their favorites, Black Beauty, and changed the main character into a donkey. Danny the Donkey went from place to place before finding the perfect home. The third graders enjoyed the book!


Ricky, Thomas, Ezekiel, Fabiola, James and Yesenia used Little Red Riding Hood and created Little Boy Blue. Little Boy Blue was going to see Grandpa when a wolf convinced him to go fishing on the way. Guess where the wolf ended up? You're right--our third graders guessed it, too!


Matt, Tori, Dustin, Hannah and Cobey gave us another point of view on the popular story of Little Red Riding Hood. It seems the poor wolf has been misunderstood for years and is finally getting to tell "the real" story! He tries to convince us that Little Red Riding Hood is rude! We're not sure our third graders were convinced!


Jessica, Krista and Alyssa use technology to tell and illustrate their revised version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Their story, The Three Beauties and the Bear, takes place in the city. While Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles walk their dogs, Billy the Bear visits their apartment. He tries their malt-o-meal, pops their inflatable chairs, and falls asleep in their hammock. Upon the girls return, the barking dogs wake Billy the Bear and he runs away. The girls learn an important lesson--always lock your door!


Daniel's group took the popular Rapuncow and gave her a modern prince hero, Johnny Bravo. He arrives in his 1967 Mustang Convertible and rescues Rapuncow from the evil witch of Toon Town, Elmira. Of course, staying true to all fairy tale endings, they live happily ever after!


Brandon, Curt, Matthew and Tyler put real life action into their version of Three Billy Goats Gruff. In their Three Trolls and the Big Billy Goat Gruff, the trolls were trying to get from their worm infested orchard across the bridge to a bigger and better apple orchard. Big Billy Goat Gruff tried to stop them, but met his match when Texas Size Troll came by and pushed him into the river.


Teacher Notes

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