The Tree That Wouldn't Die


Ellen Levine

We like to read this book when we study about Texas. This is a true story about an Oak Tree in Austin, Texas. The tree tells the story of its life. 


The Teacher From the Black Lagoon


Mike Thaler

Reviewed by Jennifer

My favorite Black Lagoon book was The Principal from the Black Lagoon. Our principal Mr. Bigham read it to us.


Song of the Hermit Thrush


Gloria Dominic

Reviewed by Austin

My favorite book is called Song of the Hermit Thrush by Gloria Dominic, It is about animals that try to find a song to praise the day. No animal can sing pretty so they send every bird but one Hermit Thrush to to get a song from the Great Spirit's home. Hermit who is too small flys off to the Great Spirit by himself and finds a song to praise the day. Now every evening he sings his song.



Junie B. Jones and the Smelly Fish


Barbara Park

Reviewed by Kate

I love Junie B. Jones books. Especially Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. In Junie B. Jones and the Smelly Fish I liked when she dragged the fish all around the kitchen. When she yells in the books most of the time it is really funny. My cousin (if it is a girl) is going to be named "Grace"! Who is one of Junie B. Jones' best friends.


Number the Stars


Lois Lowery

Reviewed by Laurie

This is a very good book by Lois Lowery. If you have a fifth grade reading level you really should read this book! This kind of book is called a historical fiction book. My favorite part of this book would probably be when the girl breaks the Jewish girl's necklace because the officers are coming in the room to see if they were hiding any Jews! I like this book probably because I like thriller and historical like books. This book is not like a mystery book at all! This book is very exciting and makes you think about the life they lived.  


After the Bomb


Gloria D. Miklowitz

Reviewed by Bonnie Jo

This is a thrilling book of how a fourteen-year-old boy, Philip Singer, tries to save his family after a devastating one megaton nuclear bomb hits Los Angeles, near his hometown. He, his brother, Matt, and his brother's girlfriend Cara were in the bomb shelter talking when it hit L.A. His mother had been cooking when it hit and a gas line and blew up. His father had been in Pasadena at work. Now he tries his hardest to get his mother on a helicopter to a burn center at a near-by hospital. Will she make it? Read and find out!

I Know What You Did Last Summer


Lois Duncan

Reviewed by Kayla

I Know What You Did Last Summer is my favorite book. I love mysteries and this book is a great mystery. It is about four people, Julie, Barry, Ray, and Helen. One night they were driving a little fast and they were a little drunk when a terrible tragedy happened. If you are looking for a great mystery book you should read I Know What You Did Last Summer.

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