TO FASHION IN 1908 & 1930:


The word FASHION means a certain style that is very popular at a certain point in time. Fashion is also a form of nonverbal communication that provides people with a way to express their identities and values. Fashion is a part of almost everyone's life. It changes very regularly and people change with it, because it is a way they can compete with others, and because it builds self esteem, gives you a certain reputation, and even gives you a certain image. People want to look good, and with fashion, people can look their best all the time.



In 1908, the "S" Curve was the popular style. Women wanted to look as though they had curves like the form of an "S." Picture yourself "leaning into the wind," or in other words, your back was tilted toward your rear end side, and your rear end side was tilted up toward your back. Can you believe this was a style that was very popular at one time?

The "S" Curve:



Besides the "S" Curve, long, waist-fitting, made-to-look-slender dresses were greatly in style. Today, the dresses we wear do not exceed more than one layer of clothing, but in 1908, dresses were made with more than one layer of clothing. Here are a few examples:


The "S" Curve and the old fashioned dresses weren't the only styles that were "happening" in 1908. Other fashion styles included huge fashionable hats that definitely gave women an image. Below are some examples of the 1908 Fashionable Hats:



1930's FASHION: The Perfect Evening Dress

1930's Black Velvet Evening Dress


In the 1930's, dresses were made of dark fabrics and decorated with lace along the neckline, sleeves, and wrists. Dresses that were decorated with lace and other accessories were very popular in 1930. An example of the way lace was used as a decoration can be seen in the above picture of The 1930's Black Velvet Evening Dress. This dress is a lace-designed dress with flowers and leaves. The lace used on the 1930's Black Velvet Evening Dress is shown above. When lace was used, it made clothing look very elegant.


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