Prom 2000

Women's Formal Prom Wear

When searching for a dress, a question that may come up is whether to buy a short dress or a long dress. Long dresses are more traditional and seem to be more elegant; however, there are some advantages to wearing a short dress. They are easier to dance in and can be more comfortable to some people. But just remember to wear what YOU like and what you feel comfortable in.

When shopping for a prom dress, DO NOT forget about accessories:







Men's Formal Prom Wear

Most people think that you have to spend a large amount of cash to look fashionable, but the truth is YOU DON'T. If you've ever heard of renting things, you've learned a lot about being fashionable, beautiful, and rich. Everyone knows that the PROM is a huge night for both males and females, but you shouldn't have to go broke when trying to have a good time with your date. Pictured below are a few tuxedos that would look GREAT on any male, as long as you remember these few things:

Coordinate your shoes, ties, vest, and slacks with your shirt and jacket.

Accessorize by wearing a tie, bow tie, or even a vest.

Wear what is comfortable to you.

Oh, and don't forget the most important tip...HAVE FUN!!


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