Beginning Art Class

Mat Frames for Christmas

Mrs. Libby Geissler, teacher


Teks: 1a, 2b, 2c (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)

1. Students decide on a color scheme to use when creating their individual frame.

2. Students paint the outer frame in their color choice, using the Tempera paints and brushes.

3. While waiting for that to dry, students draw stencil designs on tagboard strips.

4. Using Exacto knives, students cut out stencils.

5. Put Tempera paint blobs on paper plates and using sponges for application, each student "stencil" designs onto the individual painted mat surface.

6. While waiting for the designs to dry, take individual student pictures using the digital camera. This is where the Santa hat comes in...Have them stand in front of a Christmas tree wearing the Santa hat. Print pictures out to place into frames.

7. Students may want to further decorate their projects with glitter, sequins, etc. You are limited only by art supplies and imagination.

Grading is based on a rubric--one you can make up to suit your class needs.

Left to Right: Ezekiel, Unavailable, Luz, Brock, Fabiola, Romy, Angel

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