Here are the Lady Wolverines....Lookin' good huh!

          (Starting from the top left:  unknown, CheLyn, Heather, Coach Hulett, Haylee, Rachea, Brenda)
               (Starting form the bottom left:  Stacy, Ida, Kristen, and Crystal)


Here are the Varsity Boys for the year 1999-2000

              (Starting from left to right:  Felix, Guthry, Travis, Slade, Buck, Luke, 
                                  Quade, Pete, Craig, Chance, Coach Guinn is in the front)
The Varsity Boys won 2nd Place in District 8-A!!
Click Here to See Pictures & Stats from the S-E vs. Hart game!
Click Here to See Pictures & Stats from the S-E vs. Sudan game!

Congratulations to the varsity boys for their bi-district win over Hartley. Look for pictures of this game and of the area playoff game between S-E and Fort Elliott in the 3rd edition of "The Siren." Also in the next issue will be the all district basketball honors.


Basketball is a competitive sport that has helped many of the students at SEHS find an activity that suits them. The athletic coaches have put in an enormous amount of energy and time to teaching their students to succeed and have good sportsman-like conduct when they compete. We would just like to say thank you to the coaches for having the patience to put up with a few teenagers who like to have fun and compete in sports.

JV Boys

(Starting Left to Right:  Micheal, Mathew, Kris, Colton, Phillip,
Cole, Edward, Bruce, Josh, Mauro)


JV Girls

(Starting Left to Right: Top Row-Carmen, Ashley, Whitney, Belle, Kori, April)
(Bottom row-Dana, Megan, unknown, Jessica, Morgan, Amanda, Sonya)


 This Year's Basketball King and Queen are:

King: Buck

Queen: CheLyn


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