To make an atom:

Materials needed: Thin wire, skittles (three different colors), hot glue, string and a label


  1. From the periodic table, each student chose an atom and then decided how many protons, neutron, and electron were needed to make the atom.
  2. We then took a piece of wire and strung the right number of protons (use one color of skittles) and neutrons (use another color of skittles) together to make the nucleus.
  3. Next, we made our shells of electrons by stringing the third color of skittles on the wires. We made sure the right numbers of electrons were on each shell.
  4. We hot glued the skittles around the wire for the shells.
  5. We strung the nucleus and the shells of electrons together and hung a label with the name of the atom at the bottom.
  6. Then we hung them around the room .

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