Mr. B.H. always wanted to be a teacher. He grew up around it since his mom and dad were teachers at Springlake-Earth. He even spent several summers working at the school. He helped put in the foundation for our new library one summer. He would like to coach football and track, as well as teach history and math in High School. B.H. played football at Cisco Junior Collage and Eastern New Mexico University. He said they had drug education to help keep the college football team drug free because they were in spotlight. B.H. said that he and Mike were at the top of their classes at Eastern New Mexico University because Springlake-Earth is such a good school system. When he came to Earth in the fifth grade there were 63 students in his class, compared to only 29 in our fifth grade class this year. He had Mrs. Anderson for math, and Mrs. Allen for art that year.


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