Second Graders Study the Importance of Cotton

Second graders from Springlake-Earth learned how cotton goes from the field to the gin with an on-site field trip to an area farm and local Co-op gin.

First the classes traveled to the farm of Bob Coker. Mr. Coker explained the parts of a cotton plant. We even picked cotton for a future art project. Then he showed the cotton stripper and how it separated the boll from the plant. The burr extractor separated the cotton from the seed. He then he explained how the cotton was dumped into a module builder and pressed to form a module. The module truck then loaded up the huge module and took it to the gin. We then went to the Springlake Farmers Co-op Gin. Mr. Kevin Williams, gin operator and father of a second grader, guided us through the gin and explained the jobs of the equipment. We learned how cotton is packed and pressed into a bale. We saw the bales of cotton on the truck ready to go to the compress in Plainview.