Welcome to the second edition of the Springlake-Earth Siren!

I'd like to take this opportunity to applaud the outstanding efforts of not only our Editorial Staff of teachers, but the teachers who have been newly trained in the production of this issue of the paper as well. I've truly enjoyed walking down the halls in the Tech Building and Elementary building and seeing groups of students and teachers clustered around computers learning from each other. I know that in spite of the additional load this has placed on our already busy faculty and students, the benefits we reap from learning to really use the technology we've acquired will outweigh the inconveniences we may have encountered in producing the last two issues.

Those of you who know me know that I am a strong believer in using technology to enhance learning and higher level thinking skills in our students. I also feel that before teachers can train students to use technology, they must be comfortable with it themselves. I feel that production of this newspaper has done more to further such training than anything I've been involved in since I've been actively teaching teachers to use technology. This can only bode well for our students in months to come!

As we "put to bed" this second issue of our on-line paper, I encourage faculty members involved in its production to contemplate how we may best involve our students in the creation of further editions. I also challenge the Seniors in Mrs. Jones' Personal Writing Skills class to make the last full issue remaining the best yet (though that will be difficult considering the outstanding High School segment in this Edition!).

Again, congratulations on a job well done to those involved. Our readers are in for a treat as they peruse this edition of the paper.

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Many thanks are due to the fine people at the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board for making this project possible. Please take time to visit their home page and discover what this wonderful organization is doing to assist schools and Texas school children in becoming technologically adept in the twenty first century: