Farm Families

by Laurie D. and Kristi M.

Farm families have changed over the years. They used to let children out of school in the fall to pick cotton. Today children still work on farms, but we don't work as much as they did. Also we don't get out of school in the fall to pick cotton. Many farm families today must look outside the farm for additional income. Years ago rural households had no electricity so they would use oil lamps and dry cow ships and burn them. They had no water to water the farms, so they would have to get water from windmills. When the dirt would blow people would hang wet sheets outside their windows so they would catch all of the dirt. Today, we have glass windows. This is how the farm families have changed.


by Logan M., Brant H., and Chris A.

Farming has changed over years of time. About 100 years ago, they didn't have tractors. Back then they used horses to pull their plows. About 30 years later they invented the tractor. The tractor changed the outlook of farming, tremendously. The tractor kept getting updated and still is today. They plows are also getting updated. Once the tractor motor was invented they invented combines and cotton strippers. The new equipment today, such as combines, tractors, and cotton strippers, have allowed farmers to have more land and be able to farm it just as fast. Updated fertilizers have given the plants the minerals they need to produce. Irrigation has changed since the invention of the sprinkler. Farming has greatly changed over the years.


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