Our class has been studying about dairies. Here is some information about them. Our class visited a dairy with lots of modern technology. Come visit the dairy with us.

We wanted to see the difference in today's dairies and dairies that were used many years ago. In order for us to do this, we had a visitor come to our class to tell us about dairies that were used many years ago. Our visitor was Mr. H. Here is some of the neat information he gave us.

A truck came by each morning and delivered 100 pounds of block ice. They had to come from Dallas to Weatherford, which was about 70 miles. The ice was put in a big insulated box in which the milk was stored in. Everything was done by hand. Mr. H. was the information manager. Feed in the old days was mixed by hand. The barns they milked the cows in could hold up to eight cows. They had to use iodine to disinfect the udders so the milk doesn't get infected by bacteria. The dairy had up to 40 to 60 cows. A cow has to have a calf each year. A cow has four teats. The cows are milked nine months out of the year and rest the other three. Here are three bits of wisdom that Mr. H. left us with that a person must remember when doing a job:

1. Be cheerful in all kinds of weather.

2. Never leave a task undone.

3. Have splendid behavior

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