Taken from The Spring Lake Siren, Volume 1, Number 6. May 13, 1929

(Typed exactly as written in the 1929 Siren.)


Athletic Awards

At a special chapel progam the football boys and the basket ball girls were given special honor by being presented with awards for their efforts in these sports for the year. The boys were presented with beautiful sweaters which carried the school colors of green and gold, the sweater being green and the gold woven into a beautiful design representing the school. Those who received sweaters were: David Leflar, captain; Almon Whitford; Wallace Martin; Olis Simmons; Robert Huckabee; Aaron Craigo; Harvey Brock; Clark Churchwell and Leslie Hobgood. The girls were presented with silver rings, representing a basketball, with the initials S. L. H. S. 1929 on them. Those who received rings were: Maye Bell; Rosa Baker; Ruth Howard; Edwin Parish; Johnnie Kelley; Mary Jackson; Nannie Wilbanks and Jewel Simmons.

Mr. Clifft announced at that time that all those who played on the teams next year and met all the requirements would be presented with sweaters and rings. This is something to work for and should stimulate some keen competition in these events. We have some promising material if they will only come out and try.

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