Taken from The Spring Lake Siren, Volume 1, Number 6. May 13, 1929

(Typed exactly as written in the 1929 Siren.)


The Home Economics Class entertained the members of the school board and the superintendent with a delightful banquet on Thursday evening, April 18, at the Home Ec. cottage. This was the climax of year's work for the girls and everything was carried on in a systematic and entertaining way. The school colors green and gold, were carried out in all the courses and the room was also decorated in a like manner. Although all those who were invited did not come the evening and banquet was greatly enjoyed by those who were present and a unanimous vote of appreciation was given Miss Cleavinger and her class for their royal feast and entertainment. Occassions like this tends to acquaint the board with what is actually being done toward the training of the girls for the tasks that they must fill in the home.

The 1931 Home Economics Club at Spring Lake High.

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