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The Advanced Placement (AP) Program consists of 32 college-level courses and exams in 19 disciplines for highly motivated students in secondary schools. Its exceptional reputation is made possible by the close cooperation of secondary schools, colleges, and the College Board.

AP courses are offered in more than 11,700 high schools in every state in the United States, every province and territory in Canada, and 63 other countries. They are recognized by nearly 2,900 universities throughout the world which grant credit, advanced placement, or both, to students who have performed satisfactorily on AP Exams. Approximately 1,400 institutions will grant sophomore standing to students who have demonstrated their competence in three or more of these exams.

The AP Exam

AP exams are offered throughout the world each May. They are administered at participating schools or at multischool centers. Any school may participate; it need only file the AP Participation Form sent to all high schools every fall. Except for Studio Art, all exams contain a free-response section (either essay or problem-solving) and another section consisting of multiple-choice questions.

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