Teacher: Mrs. Sue Haberer


Preparation for Parenting

(1/2 unit of credit) Grades 10-12

This course is designed to provide individuals opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in preparation to function effectively in the role of parent or care giver. Content stresses parental responsibilities, child guidance techniques, parents as positive role models, parents as their children's first teacher, and parenting practices which promote a child's development, health, safety, and wellbeing.



Individual and Family Living

Equals 1/2 credit for High School Graduation.

This course focuses on personal development, interpersonal relationships, effective individual and family functioning, and career preparation-all within a changing society. This course addresses personal identity, responsibilities of living as an independent adult, relationship development outside the family, and factors related to marital success. Special attention is focused on understanding the roles, responsibilities, and impact of family on individuals and society, promoting and strengthening the family unit, the impact of technology on career options and family life, and managing multiple family, community, and wage-earner roles



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