Teacher: Mrs. Mary Jones

Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Junior or Senior

Description: The study of writing allows high school students to earn one credit while developing skills necessary for composing business letters and requests for information, as well as for completing job applications and resumes. This course emphasizes skill in the use of conventions and mechanics of written English, the appropriate and effective application of English grammar, and the effective use of vocabulary. Students are expected to understand the recursive nature of the writing process. Evaluation of students' own writing as well as the writing of others insures that students completing this course are able to analyze and evaluate their writing.

High School Edition of the online newspaper, "The Siren."

At Springlake-Earth High School, this class is also responsible for the high school section of the online newspaper. The students write articles using the writing process, and learn and demonstrate computer skills to build web pages, become proficient in the use of a digital camera and scanner, and learn to use various computer programs associated with creating web pages.

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