Colleges attended: Midwestern State University and West Texas A&M University

Degrees and certifications earned: Masters Degree in Special Education & School Counselor Certification

Number of years of experience: 18

Professional organizations of which you are a member: Texas Education Association for Counselors

Organizations/events you sponsor: Student Council

Courses you teach: No academic courses but the State Guidance Program for K-12 concerning character, responsibility & career.

Hobbies, outside interests: reading & crafts

Family: Husband, 3 children (a son & 2 daughters), 3 dogs (Major Pain, Shadee Lane, & Sunny Gilmore)

Best Advice: It seems that in my years of making changes & overcoming challenges, the one thing that I continually remind myself is from a movie about women: "That which does not kill you, will make you stronger."

Anything else you would like to add: I have enjoyed working with the students and staff here at Springlake-Earth probably more than any place I have worked before (and I have worked at several schools). The kids are really neat, lots of community support ad the teachers are dedicated!



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