Name: Gary Alan Schovajsa

Degrees and certifications earned: Texas Tech, South Plains, Sul Ross

Number of years of experience: B. S. in Agricultural Education, Secondary P. E., Composite Science, Life-Earth, Biology

Related jobs or work experience: 25

Organizations/events you sponsor: Senior class

Courses you teach: American History

Hobbies, outside interests: Running, gourd craft, old tractors

Family: Wife-Donna and her children Russ Liner and Mikella Newson.

My Son-Charles and his wife Chanda have three children, Matthew, Bryleigh and Stephen.

My daughters-Cari and Caci Schovajsa

Best Advice: Human advice: If you are going to do something, do the best you can spiritually.

Spiritual advice: Which includes the human advice is Jesus Christ.


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