First of all, your monkey will get you in BIG TROUBLE on the bus. He will want to climb all over the seat, and hang from the rear view mirror. The bus driver will get very mad and tell you to control your monkey. Your monkey will not calm down, so you will have to walk all the way to school.

After you get to school, you will be very tired from the long walk. The bus driver will have told the principal on you, and you and your monkey will be sent directly to the office. Your monkey hates the office, and he will run all over trying to escape. After you have finally caught him the principal will be tired of waiting on you. The principal, Mr. Belding, will grab your monkey by the tail and yank him into his office with you following sadly.

eOnce you are in the office, that is when the fun will start. Your monkey will try to hid in the principal's filing cabinets, and this will make him even madder. Your monkey will think it is very funny to make faces at the principal. He will tell you that you are not a very good monkey keeper. After he has chewed you out, you will be sent to class without your monkey.

Around lunchtime your monkey will get very hungry and wonder where on earth you are. When the principal isn't looking, he will sneak out of the door and race to find you. When your monkey finds you in the cafeteria, he will be very excited. He will start jumping from table to table, messing up everyone's tray. All of your friends will get very mad at you.

We all know that monkies love bananas, so he will go straight for the kitchen. He will destroy all of the pots and pans while searching for his lunch. After he finds the bananas, he will sneak outside and start chowing down. Your monkey is not used to a lot of people being around, so he will forget to throw his peels in the trash. When lunch is over, your teacher will slip on the banana peel and fall flat on her face. She will be so embarrassed. Your monkey will think that it is funny and he will laugh and laugh. He gets so excited that he starts jumping up and down on her. This could not be good, since she has just eaten lunch.

Your monkey will be getting tired, so he will decide that he needs to take a nap. You will be very thankful. He will sleep almost the rest of the day. When he wakes up, he will forget where he is and start crying. You will have to give him a hug to make him feel better. You will get embarrassed and your whole class will start laughing at you. Then your monkey will jump on all of their heads, and they will start crying. The teacher will get frustrated and make your monkey wait outside until the bell rings.

When your monkey is outside, he will start beating on the windows, because he wants you to come out and play. This will begin to make your teacher very upset. Of course, your friends will think that this is very exciting, and they will start beating back. What do you think will happen then? Everyone will get into big trouble, and they will be very mad at you, again.

When the bell rings and it is time to go home, you better hurry. Your whole class will be ready to attack you and your monkey. Whatever will you do? You won't be able to ride the bus, because the bus driver will not allow any more monkeys. So you will end up having to walk all the way home. Once you get home, you will be very tired and you will decide that it is a good idea to.....


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