One Act Play


Amber Waves

by James Still

Back row: Clay, Ida, Mathew, Connie

Front row: Michael, Lina


Third row: Mrs. Williams

Middle row: Illiana, Allison, Clay, Ida, Mathew, Connie, April

Front row: Michael, Lina, Jeff

Amber Waves takes place in a small farming community in present day Kansas and revolves around a family in crisis. After a hard year, Mike Olson finds he is very close to losing his farm. The bank doesn't want to lend him the money he needs to plant his next crop. However, what Mike doesn't realize is that he is very close to losing his family. Mike and his wife Penny struggle to keep everything going without telling their two children, Scott and Deb. Scott, a high school student, finds it hard to cope with his athletic activities and the family problems so he quits the team and gets a job. Deb, a junior high student, gains understanding about her family's problems through the kind words of an elderly neighbor, One-Eye Johnny.


Mike Olson -- Michael

Penny Olson -- Lina

Deb Olson -- Ida

Scott Olson -- Clay

Julie, Deb's friend -- Connie

One-Eye Johnny -- Mathew






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