Future Farmers of America

Judging Contests:

San Angelo


Texas Tech


*San Angelo Judging Contest*

Saturday, March 11, 2000

This year we sent a horse team and a livestock team to the San Angelo Judging Contest. Our horse team consisted of Guthry, Cole, Wesley, and Jr. Our livestock team consisted of Buck, Ben, Luke,Tyler, and Whitney. Each team is allowed to take four students through the judging contest, but only the three highest scores are counted. The fourth score then becomes the alternate for the team. We had several rank within the top ten, individually and as a team.


Guthry-5th high individual

Third high team performance

Third high team


Buck-7th high individual

Second high team-swine

Third high team-sheep

Second high team overall

*Sweetwater Judging Contest*

Saturday, March 17, 2000

In the Sweetwater Judging Contest, only our livestock team participated. The team was fourth overall in performance, with Whitney placing 7th high individual, and Buck placing 4th high individual. The West Texas A&M judging contest and the Clarendon judging contest are the only two judging contest, our teams will compete in until the district contest at Texas Tech University. Congratulations to our judging teams.

*West Texas A & M*

March 31, 2000

In the West Texas A & M Judging Contest, we had our livestock, horse, and dairy teams participate. The livestock team placed 12th in the contest, and Guthry was second individual in the horse contest.

*Texas Tech*

April 8, 2000

The Texas Tech Judging Contest was the district meet for the three judging teams. The horse team concluded their judging season Saturday at Tech as third in district. The livestock team concluded their year as fourth in district, and the dairy team concluded their season as fourth in district also. Congratulations to our judging teams, and thank you for all your time and hard work this year.

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