Magnets and Electricity with Mr. G

Our class went to the science lab to learn about electricity with Mr. G. The first thing Mr. G did was show us the magnetic fields around a magnet by putting a piece of paper over a magnet and putting steel shreds on the paper. The steel shreds stuck to the magnetic fields around the magnet. (Check out these following attractions!)

Magnets!! FEEL the Power!

The second thing Mr. G did was stick a magnet into the middle of some coils of copper wire attached to a device that had a meter that moved when Mr. G stuck the magnet into the coil.


The next thing Mr. G did was he got some a.c. wire and plugged them into a big light bulb and the bulb lighted up. Then Mr. G told us that when the wires inside the bulb came apart the light went out. He also demonstrated how a parallel circuit and a series circuit worked. Mr. G reminded us to never try these demonstrations at home because it would be unsafe!


The last activity Mr. G had planned for us was a contest. Before the contest, we voted on the strongest boy and girl to participate in the contest. Eachof them got a chance to pull two magnets apart! It was impossible! Little did we know the contest was rigged all along. Mr. G thought he was so funny!


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