Students of the Month

Russell--8th Grade

Russell's favorite song is "Daddy Won't Sell the Farm", his favorite TV show is Home Improvement, and he loves to eat pizza. His favorite person is his brother while football, science and math are his school favorites. Russell's hobby is scuba diving and future plans include becoming a farmer!


Bonnie--7th Grade

Bonnie's favorite song is "One of These Days", her favorite TV show is I Dream of Jeannie", and she loves steak and baked potatoes. Her favorite person is Maggie while cheerleading, math and reading are her favorite school activities. Bonnie enjoys reading the Bible, playing the piano, and has future plans of making a lot of money!

Courtney--6th Grade

Courtney enjoys listening to "You Don't Love Me" and her favorite TV show is Smart Guy. She enjoys eating pizza, likes the color purple, and enjoys playing basketball. Her favorite person is God, subject is math, and she enjoys gymnastics. Courtney's future plans include becoming a pediatrician!