Every year in March, first grade makes a study of Texas History. We learn about the Battle of the Alamo and the six flags that flow over Texas and what they represented. We study a map of Texas and locate the town we live in, our state capital, the four states that border Texas, the country and the large body of water that is to the south of Texas. We also study about the different land regions in Texas and the agriculture products that are found in these regions. We learn about the state's bird, flower, tree, flag, motto, and song.

Last we study about the Texas Cowboy and the importance of his job to our state's economy. We learn about a cowboy's job and all the equipment he uses. We learn fifty uses of a bandana, the use of a cowboy's saddle, rope, hat, chaps, and spurs.

At the end of our study, we have a Texas Celebration. This year we had some men from the community to come and help us with our celebration. Hollis Cain came and talked about branding cattle, the use of a cowboy's hat, handkerchief, chaps and spurs. He talked to us about chuck wagon cooking and he brought us some homemade biscuits cooked in black iron skillets. Kerry Winders came and performed rope tricks for the children, taught them how to rope a calf, played his guitar, and led the children in singing Texas and Western songs. Tripp Townsend came and brought horses for the children to look at. He gave each child a ride on a horse.

All first graders enjoyed the celebration!