We have been studying Community Helpers for the last three weeks. We began our unit of study by reading the following books:



We then took a visit to our Community Helpers.


We began our visit by eating lunch at the Dairy Queen. We saw how our delicious meals are cooked. We ate hamburgers and fries, and finished off the meal with an ice cream cone! We thanked the DQ community helpers for the meal and went to one of the local churches. We sang "Fill my Cup and Let It Overflow" with Bobby Broyles, the minister of the First Baptist Church, Earth, after a short tour of the church.


Our next stop was at the Fire Department where four fire trucks are kept. Danielle's Dad, Joe, and another fireman, Mike, showed us the cool trucks. We even got to climb on them! They explained about fighting fires, as we watched the lights flash on the trucks. We thanked Joe and Mike for being good fireman, and moved over to the Ambulance that was waiting for us. Janis, Lynzie's Mom, Casey, and A.W. showed us through the Ambulance. We got to play like we were victims riding to the hospital! Janis gave us each a sticker and a colorbook as we went back to the bus! She then asked us to come visit them again in May when they get a new Ambulance. We can also see the Aero Care Helicopter at that time. We all said "Yes!". We told them thanks for being such good community helpers. Then it was time to go back to the school. We had a great day visiting a few of our Community Helpers!


The next day at school, we drew a Community Helper and wrote a story about that helper. This was our first story written on paper. We worked really hard on it! The stories turned out great!!!!!


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