The 50's at Springlake High School...

The 1950's brought many changes. World War II had just ended, and many things were going on. Elvis was being played on the jukebox, and the Korean War had begun. Locally, Springlake High School began having Homecoming. In 1954, the Springlake High students and members of the community began this long-held tradition. The Homecoming festivities were not as elaborate as we have today, but for just starting out, the festivities were fun. In 1955, Seymour Evans and Virginia McCleskey were crowned Senior Homecoming King and Queen. The junior, sophomore, and freshman class each had a king and queen.

Today, every day has a different dress-up theme; for example, Twin Day, Pajama Day, Hat/Sunglasses Day, and Sock Day. On Thursday night, the night before the Homecoming game, we have a bonfire. The bonfire is sort of a spirit booster for the fans and football players. On Friday, at the pep rally, the Homecoming King and Queen are crowned. Today, Homecoming has now become a weeklong spirit fest.

My grandparents and great aunt and uncle graduated in the 1950's. My grandfather, Eddie Haydon, graduated in 1953. My grandmother, Sherry Stine, graduated in 1957. My aunt, Beverly Stine, graduated in 1959. Her husband, Bud Watson, graduated in 1956.

I interviewed my grandmother, Sherry Stine Haydon, about some of the things that went on at SpringLake High School during the 1950's. Here are some of the things that we talked about:

What were some of the fashions of the 1950's?

The girls wore knee-length skirts, mid-calf dresses and scarves. The scarves were very popular. A lot of the same styles are coming back.

When did you and Papa (Eddie Haydon) graduate?

I graduated in 1957, and he graduated in 1953. We've been married nearly forty years. We didn't date in high school, because I was in eighth grade when he was a senior.

What extracurricular activities did you participate in?

I was a member of FHA (Future Homemakers of America), I was a twirler, I was Band Sweetheart one year. Girls still didn't get to participate that much in extracurricular activities. We didn't get to participate in FFA (Future Farmers of America).

Did you enjoy Homecoming?

The Homecoming tradition didn't start until 1954, I was only a freshmen. I got to participate in homecoming all four years of high school. We had a homecoming pep rally and had a homecoming king and queen. The king was elected by the pep squad, and the queen was elected by the football team.

What were some of your favorite songs or favorite music?

Elvis was a big thing back in the 50's. I didn't like him much when I was beginning high school. He was pretty much just a fad. We listened to Gene Autry and Hank Williams. I really wasn't into the "rock n' roll" thing.

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