Class of '71

The 1971 yearbook of Springlake-Earth High School had the theme of a medieval setting.



Class Yell: "Look out world, here we come, Senior Class of '71

Class Officers

President: Johnny Kelly

Vice-President: Kent Coker

Secretary: Welda Barton

Treasurer: Kathy Bibby

Historian: Jan Cleavinger

Class Traditions: Senior Wills; both the senior and junior plays

Valedictorian: Johnny Kelly

Salutatorian: Jan Cleavinger


Miss S.E.H.S: Jenna Lou Banks

Most Handsome: Tony Barton

Most Beautiful: Julie Cleavinger

Head Cheerleader: Jenna Banks

One tradition that has changed since the 1970's: Our mascot is no longer a little girl. We now select a student to wear a Wolverine suit to support our football guys. The campus has also changed. Our homemaking cottage was once seperated from the high school, but now it is connected for the convenience of the students.

Classes that were once offered: S.E.H.S once had a choir, but it is no longer offered.


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