Class of '78

The class consisted of 34 students

Ranae Winder helped the students at SEHS receive their first coke machine this year!!!


Class President: Tim May

Class Vice-President: Carrie Flores

Class Secretry: Ranae Winder

Class Treasurer: Jill Barden

Class Historian: Tammy Davis


Miss SEHS: Susan Clayton

Mr. SEHS: Tim May

Football Queen: Susan Clayton

Homecoming Queen: Ranae Winder

Basketball Queen: Susan Clayton

Basketball King: Clint Dawson

FFA Sweetheart: Elaine Bills

FHA Dreamboy: Hoby Matlock

FFA Plowgirl: Susan Clayton

FHA Buddy: Roy McGowen

Most Courteous: Jimmy Randolph and Tamara Jones

Band Duke: James Hanson

Band Duchess: Lisa Pittman


Valedictorian: Clint Dawson

Salutatorian: Connie Dear

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