Interview with staff member Coach Bode about his years as a senior at Clovis High School in '75.

1. What brands or styles of clothes were worn in the 70's?

"Levis were in style and bell bottoms or flare bottoms were worn."


2. What were some of the music artists and songs you liked?

"Peter Franklin and Deep Purple."


3. What were some of the classes you took in high school?

"Basicly the same classes that you take today. English, history, government, chemistry, French, typing, and algebra.


4. What were some of the sports and clubs you were involved in?

"I played football and baseball and was also involved in the Key Club."


5. What exactly was the Key Club?

"It was just a club for us guys."


6. How many seniors graduated from your high school?

"There were about 500 of us."


7. What did you do in your spare time?

"Drag Main."


8. What were some of the traditions you had in high school?

"We didn't have the bonfire or freshman initiation like most schools, but the sophomore girls had an initiation. Once a year the senior girls would grab the sophomore girls from their houses at midnight and take them to the cemetary, and us guys would be there to help scare and initiate them. The senior girls club that did this was called the 'High AK'."


9. Did you ever have a steady girlfriend?

"No, the Key Club would always be on the lookout for girls from another town. We didn't have time to go steady."

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