Tips for Teachers

From the Leadership Class of 1999-2000

General Suggestions

If you respect students, they will respect you.

Remember you are not the only one with problems.

Leave your "home life" at home.

Don't take your bad day out on your students.

Don't be so uptight all the time.

It is OK to joke around.

Have patience.

Be considerate and kind.

Try not to be a griper.

Get a good night's sleep.

Treat your students how you want to be treated.

Have fun! Enjoy what you are doing!

In the classroom

A free day once in a while is a good idea.

Busy work is not necessary.

Test over what you teach.

Don't plan your test on the same day as other teachers' tests.

Don't give too much homework; 95% of the time, students don't do it at home.

Make class fun, not something which is dreaded.

If you have favorites among students, don't show it.

Don't gossip to other students or teachers about what is said in your classroom.

Get involved with your students. Care about us.

Monotone lectures bore students.

When you have a substitute

Don't pile on the work just because you aren't there.

A substitute teacher should be as good as the teacher, so busy work is not necessary.

Your room at school

Be more creative with room decorations.

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