To end our year in First Grade we made a study of Hawaii, our 50th state. We learned how the islands were formed by volcanoes. In science class we made models of volcanoes out of play dough and created chemical eruptions using vinegar and baking soda. In art we water colored tropical fish and rainbows. We made "Ocean in Motion" fish mobiles to hang from our ceilings.

The last week of school we had a luau to celebrate our year. We decorated our rooms for the luau and dressed like Hawaiians. Our mothers brought a tropical feast for us to eat. We enjoyed ham sandwiches, fresh pineapple, papaya, mango, coconut, bananas, hawaiian punch and jelly fish popcicles for desssert.

In the afternoon the girls performed hula dances they had learned. We cracked coconuts, played pineapple bowling, did the limbo and had hula hoop-contests.

Our class says "Aloha" (good-bye) to first grade and "Aloha" (hello) to second grade!


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