Matthew DeLeon interviewed Mrs. Thompson on October 20, 2000. Mrs. Thompson is the Springlake-Earth Community Library Librarian. She is assisted in the library by Linda Duckworth, and together this duo has been able to maintain the great reputation that our library has.

The following are the questions that were discussed during the interview.

Where did you attend high school? College? I went to part of my elementary school in Colorado, and Missouri, I also attended part of my elementary school, and my junior high, and high school in Kileen, Texas. I attended the University of Texas at Austin, and went to graduate school at Texas Tech University.

What was your major in college? I double majored in History, and Geography.

Is there anyone or anything that influenced the decision for your major? My father had the biggest influence on my decision, because he was in the military, and we traveled all over Europe and I was surrounded by History.

Who is the biggest influence in your life? Why? My mom and dad. My dad gave me the love of history, and my mom always said, "Never depend on anybody else but yourself." My mom also said that my education should come before my marriage.

What is your favorite childhood memory? Living in Europe. I was born in Panama and I lived in Colorado, Missouri, and Germany.

As a former history teacher, who do you think has most influenced American Society and culture? There are too many to just choose one. Thomas Jefferson--when dealing with the Declaration of Independence and the Louisianna Purchase--and the founding fathers (such as Lincoln, Washington, and Madison) have really influenced American society.

What is your favorite book? Why? There are too many to just have one favorite book. I think my favorite book is the last one I have just read.

What, if anything, would you most like to be remembered for? Sense of humor. "Don't take life seriously," have fun.

Who is your favorite celebrity? Thomas Jefferson

What is your most embarrasing moment? There are too many. I have more than one.

What is your dream vacation? My dream vacation would be at least six weeks to travel to Scotland--learning the culture without having to worry about the cost.

On a local level who has had the most influence on you? Mr. Cecil Slover, because he showed me what an educator should be. He has been my best role model.

What motto would you leave for the Springlake-Earth students? "Never stop learning," "Never stop reading."

How many books are in our library? There are 12,406 books in the Springlake-Earth Community Library.

What is your all-time favorite quote? My favorite quote would probably be that of Robert Kennedy, "Some people see things and ask, 'Why?' I dream dreams and ask, 'Why not?'"