Johnny Appleseed

By First Grade


Our first unit in Social Studies this year was about the life of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed. We began our unit by reading various books about his life and discussing the contributions he made to our country.

In art we sponge painted apple trees, drew scenes of Johnny Appleseed's journeys, decorated construction paper apples with tissue paper, and made apple eyeglasses for each student to wear. We retraced Johnny Appleseed's journey by covering the states that Johnny visited with red thumbprints.

In math we tested three kinds of apples (Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, and Granny Smith green apples) and graphed our favorite kinds.

In science class we made booklets about the Life Cycle of an apple: the seed, the blossom, and the apple.

On the last day of our unit of study, the girls dressed in apple costumes and the boys dressed like Johnny Appleseed by going barefoot and wearing cooking pots on their heads. We sang songs and recited poems about Johnny Appleseed and the wonderful apples he worked so hard to grow and share with the world.

For snack time we enjoyed apple turnovers we made. We used biscuits for dough and filled them with apple pie filling.



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