The Rain Forest

In Mrs. Weldon's Kindergarten room the unit for September was "The Rain Forest." We read books from the library which included:

Rain Forests - by Peter Murray

Life in the Rain Forest - by Lucy Baker

Journey Through a Tropical Jungle - by Adrian Forsyth

We also watched the video: "Totally Tropical Rain Forest" (National Geographic)

We learned that the rain forest is divided into layers:

        1. Emergent
        2. Canopy
        3. Understory
        4. Forest Floor

We studied about animals, insects, and plants that are found in the layers in the rain forest.

We each drew our own rain forest picture, and Mrs.Weldon took a picture of Samantha's drawing. Each child's drawing was displayed on the wall in the hall.


Samantha's rain forest

We discovered by reading and studying the globe that Australia has a rain forest. Since the Olympics were going on in Australia, we learned about the country and about the Olympics also! Mrs. Weldon asked us to watch the Olympics on T.V. for homework. Then we discussed them each day.

If no one had the opportunity to visit the real rain forest, then all they had to do was walk into Room 3. It was decorated like a rain forest with vines hanging from the ceiling, trees, plants, and animals (and lots of Kindergarten monkeys!!).

We had lots of fun learning about "The Rain Forest" and the 2000 Summer Olympics!

A web site for this unit is at Stevenson Press .

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