Christmas Angels

Materials Needed:


  1. After choosing your color of the angel, run off angel body pattern on the construction paper. The angel body pattern could also be traced off on origami paper. Cut the angel body out of the paper.
  2. Choose contrasting or coordinating colors for the decorations of your angel. Cut out the templates and use these to trace out shapes on contrasting or coordinating papers. Cut these shapes out.
  3. Cut the halo out and glue to back of the head on angel body.
  4. Glue cut-out head shape to front of head on angel body.
  5. Glue hair on top of head to give your angel hair. Use the blue and black pens to draw eyes and nose on the angel's face. Use a red pen to draw lips on the face.
  6. Glue different shapes and cutouts on the angel's wings and body front.
  7. Glue white shape on back of angel's body. This is where you will write your letter.
  8. Fold the angel on the fold lines and stand the angel up.
  9. For further decoration, glue glitter on the angel.

Mrs. Geissler graded the angel cards using this grading system:

  1. Proper use of color - 10pts
  2. Use of Repetition - 10pts
  3. Originality - 10pts
  4. Turned in on time - 5pts
  5. Efficient use of time - 15pts
  6. Overall appearance - 50pts


Art Christmas Frames