(University Interscholastic League)

2000 Springlake-Earth Jr. High UIL Results

6th Grade Listening

1st Place (Tie) - Chris and a Kress Student
3rd Place (Tie) - Brant and a Kress Student
5th Place (Tie) - Logan and a Farwell Student

6th Grade Mathematics

2nd Place - Brant
4th Place - Kristi

6th Grade Music Memory

4th Place Team - Laurie, Kristi, Meagan

6th Grade Oral Reading

3rd Place - Chris
5th Place-Ashley

6th Grade Maps, Charts, & Graphs

1st Place - Logan
3rd Place - Kristi
4th Place - Chris

6th Grade Number Sense

1st Place - Kristi
4th Place - Logan
7th Place - Brant

6th Grade Spelling

3rd Place - Brandy
5th Place - Haleigh

6th Grade Ready Writing

2nd Place - Logan
4th Place - Laurie

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