The Imp That Ate My Homework
Jim teams up with his grandfather, who is known as the meanest man in Chiniatown, to defeat a powerful demon.
Author: Lautence Yep

Book Level: 2.9

Points: 2

Number of pages: 87

Type: Fiction

Interest Level: Middle Grades

Impossible Things
On his twelfth birthday, Brady discovers an unusual egg in his own private cave on the beach near his house, and the creature that hatches from it helps him deal with his mother's death and his father's impending remarriage.
Author: Virginia Layefsky

Book Level: 4.5

Points: 8

Number of pages: 207

Type: Fiction

Interest Level: Middle Grades - easy reader

Now We're Talking
Ollie loses his self-confidence as a pitcher when his weird habit of talking to himself on the mound signals his pitches to the batters and draws the anger of some of his teammates.
Author: Dean Hughes

Book Level: 3.6

Points: 3

Number of pages: 114

Type: Fiction

Interest Level: Lower grades

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