Study of the Plains Indians

In November this year, the First Grade classes studied the Plains Indians in conjunction with their unit on Thanksgiving. They compared how the Plains Indians live with the way we live today. They read about how the Indians hunted buffalo and used every part of it to make tepees, clothes, ornaments, tools, cooking pots, musical instruments, and much more. The First Graders and their families designed tepees that told a story using symbols. As they prepared for their Thanksgiving Program, they made costumes and strung bead necklaces for jewelry as the Plains Indians did. For the play, they recited poems, sang songs, and presented short plays that depicted the life of Pilgrims and Indians and the First Thanksgiving.

They enjoyed learning about those days of long ago and hopefully keep alive the memories of the Indians and the Pilgrims that were so important in the history of our country today.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Plays