The Springlake-Earth Student Council held an assembly on January 30, 2001 in the auditorium. Gregg Martinez was the speaker for this assembly.

International speaker and recording artist Gregg Martinez travelled the country for many years performing in the hottest casinos, resorts, and nightclubs in America. He had a million dollar recording contract and an exclusive performing contract with Donald and Inava Trump.

But Gregg, on his journey to find fame and riches, chose a lifestyle of excess--alcohol, drugs, and violence. He went through marriages, divorces, and lost his family. Then Gregg realized that the things he had thought for so long were so important, really meant nothing; he had lost sight of what really matters in life. Gregg began to make right choices, and his life turned around. He now uses his talents to help reach the young people of America, the "next" generation.

Gregg Martinez spoke to both the Junior High and High School students at Springlake-Earth, on January 30, 2001. Kristal won a T-shirt, and Matthew won a CD that Gregg gave away. Many students said that this was one of the best assemblies that we have ever had at Springlake-Earth.

The Student Council would like to thank everyone for being so attentive and respectful at the assembly; you represented your school well.

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