You will need:

* unwashed hands (It's important not to wash your hands for several hours before starting)

* beef bouillon cube

* cup of water

* packet of unflavored gelatin

* small saucepan with a lid

* clean, flat dish with a lid

* wooden spoon



* pour the water into the pot and heat it on high until it boils.

* add the bouillon cube and gelatin to the boiling water and stir with the wooden spoon until they dissolve.

* cover the pot and continue to boil the mixture on low heat for 30 minutes. Stir occasionally.
* pour the liquid into the flat dish and cover. Let the mixture gel for at least three hours.

* Lay your hand flat on top of the gelatin and press gently. Your hand should not push through the bottom of the pan.

* re-cover the dish and leave it in a warm place for three to five days.

* when you uncover the dish, you will see lots of white dots on the gelatin in the shape of a hand.



Hundreds of thousands of bacteria live on your skin even if your hands look clean. When you put your hand on the gelatin, bacteria stick to the slimy mixture. The tiny bacteria cells use the bouillon as food to help them grow and they multiply quickly in the warm, damp environment inside the dish. The shape of your hand appears in the gelatin because the bacteria from your skin has created millions of new cells --- so many that they're now visible.