Bailey M. and Jessica W. Interview Mrs. Hamilton

Springlake-Earth School Now and Then


Jessica W. and Balee M.

The second grade GT students wanted to know about the Springlake-Earth school then and now. First they looked on the internet at the S-E Siren to see some of the old pictures and some of the articles written about the school. Then they decided they would like to interview someone who went to school here many years ago. They composed some questions that they would like to have answered and they invited Lillian Hamilton to meet with the students and to be interviewed personally. Lillian Hamilton is the great grandmother to Jessica, so this made the interview more interesting for the girls.

Lillian Nelson Hamilton went to school here in the l920’s and l930’s. She graduated from Springlake-Earth in l937, so she was a good source of information and she also had several pictures that were saved to put on the S-E Siren.

Lillian answered many questions about the heating, lighting, clothing, transportation, games, lunches, buildings, teachers and even about discipline. The girls worked hard at recording what she had said. They were highly impressed that she married Price Hamilton right after she graduated from high school and then a year or so later Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton were the sponsors for the senior class trip to New Mexico.

They found that Lillian is a great historian of the Springlake-Earth School and the First Baptist Church of Earth. She has much knowledge and many pictures that she would be glad to share with anyone. We express our sincere thanks to Lillian for making this GT project a great success for our second grade GT students.