The No 'Count Boy

by Paul Green

A One Act Comedy of American Country Life

The play that the Springlake-Earth One Act Play presented this year was "The No 'Count Boy," the most popular and widely produced of all Mr. Green's plays. It is an exquisite comedy about a boy who has dreams and who persuades Pheelie to leave her fiance and wander with him over the face of the earth. The boy's mother at the last moment intervenes, and he is driven off to his home. the play is full of poetry and atmosphere and is one of the outstanding comedies of the American theater.

The play consisted of four characters:
Pheelie, a young country girl, about 17, portrayed by Ida
Enos, her sweetheart, about 20, portrayed by Matthew
The No 'Count Boy, about 17 or 18, portrayed by Clay
An Old Woman, portrayed by Haylee

The Crew consisted of Michael, Hilda, April, and Iliana.

All of the students in the play received an award in zone competition at Farwell High School.

Haylee received All Star Cast Honorable Mention Honors, while Clay, Matthew, and Ida received All Star Cast Honors.

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