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This is what you call a catapult. It was a main way of defense in the middle ages. The middle ages was a time of knights and kings, of fair ladies in distress. There are a lot of myths that take place in the middle ages like king Arthur and the sword in the stone there is also the legend of Excalibur that was supposed to take place in the middle ages. This site is all about the middle ages. We are learning about the middle ages in class and we all got to do a project on the middle ages. My project was to make this site stuffed with information on the middle ages. I hope you enjoy this site. Have fun learning about the middle ages.



This is an example of a middle ages knight. He looks like he's about to stab something with his weapon called a Lance. A lance is what a knight would use in combat or in a jousting competition in which two knights mount their horses and hold a lance straight foreword. The knights would charge at each other and try to knock each other off their horse if one got knocked off the other knight would draw his sword and so would the other knight. They would draw their sword to fight because a lance can't be used on foot.


This is an example of a sword. A knight might have four kinds of blades with him a knife would be his smallest blade, a dagger which is kinda like a knife but longer, a one handed sword called a flash sword, and a two handed sword called a broadsword this picture is a picture of a broadsword. Knights can have used many weapons back in the middle ages. Here is an example of some of the weapons they used




These are just some of the weapons used by knights in the middle ages. Weapons were very valuable in the middle ages and could cost a lot of gold or money to buy. Weapons were so valuable back then because it was very hard to make a sword because they had no machines back then so they had to make weapons by hand. Which was very hard.

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